The Story of Brand Name “Shoealls”

Footwear is a combination of the words, “foot” and “wear”. Likewise, an equivalent Korean word for footwear, Sinbal, is a combination of the words; “sinda” (a verb meaning wear) and “bal” (a noun meaning a foot).

Our feet bear our body weight and are often subjected to years of abnormal motion or wrong posture which can cause pelvic disorder, articular cartilage degeneration, blood flow restriction, muscle stiffening, and other foot problems such as over-pronation, and under-pronation.

The brand name “Shoealls” has been created to make shoes to protect against adversities of the environment and for the relief of people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and foot problems. We put all our efforts, craftmanship, and experience in shoemaking. Design and manufacturing shoes require a thorough understanding of the human body along with knowledge of fashion, science, ergonomics and engineering.    
Biomedical researchers at KonYang University conducted clinical trials and found that a vibrator module (or more precisely, modules) made by Shoealls Co., Ltd. helps blood circulation in the lower extremities; and maintains temperature of the feet.
(Refer to “Effects of Walking with Non-Electric Power Vibration Shoes on Body Temperature and Peripheral Circulation, Journal of Biomedical Research, pp 235-250, Paper no. 40).

Wear a pair of shoes made by Shoealls and enjoy happy and healthy life!
CEO Message

Thank you for visiting our website, www.shoealls.com

Company slogan: “We deliver excellence to make our customer happy and healthy life”

Shoealls Co., Ltd is a company making shoes to help you maintain healthy feet so that you can achieve a happy life. With all my heart, I believe everyone deserves a healthy and happy life.

Sound structure of a building starts from a firm foundation. Likewise, our feet bear all of our body weight. With the proper shoes on customer’s feet, we provide healthy body structure.  Our shoes are designed for your feet with the best of our knowledge and experience in style, engineering, craftmanship, and ergonomics.  

Allow us to have an opportunity to make your feet happy and healthy.

·    2020

• Company name changed to Shoealls Co., Ltd.
• Patent (KR10- 2128378) registered.
• Award prize from the commissioner of KIPO.
• Headquarters moved to Asan city, ChungNam.
• Manufacturing and production office established in Busan, Korea                  
• 75 franchise stores as of December 2020.

·    2019

• Prize awarded from the commissioner of Korea Intellectual Property Office      (KIPO).
• Patents (10-1978880, 1983723, 1998706, and 2037241) registered.
• Excellent Product of the Year awarded from Korean Academy of Commodity    Science and Technology.

·    2018

• Business expanded by adopting franchise concept as marketing strategy.
• Nominated as a global IP star enterprise by north Cheonan branch of Korean    Chamber of Commerce.
• Patent registered in China (CN209528014U)

·    2017

• Gold medal prize awarded at “Salon International des Invention”, held at
  Geneva, Switzerland.
• Certification of an excellent small and medium enterprise from Korea               Federation of SMEs.

·    2016

• Gold prize (the best invention) awarded at the Seoul International Invention     Fair (shock absorbing heel of a shoe).
• Silver prize awarded at the Seoul International Invention Fair
  (shock absorbing health shoes).
• Special prize awarded from IFIA (International Federation of Inventors’             Association) held in Seoul.
• Patents KR10-1445029 and KR10-1693374 registered.
• New Technology Prize awarded from the mayor of Cheonan city.

·    2014

• Ownership of founder’s registered patent transferred to corporation.                

·    2012

• Corporate name changed to LNC Korea Co., Ltd.                                                

·    2011

• Business registered (Business registration number: 214-88-69872).
• 18 frasnchise stores.
• “Haena” brand launched for functional shoes and trade mark registered.          

·    2010

• Haena Household and Healthy Life, Co., Ltd. founded.                                          

Our Technology


· ‌Water resistant
· Jacquard fabric

‌Shock-absorbing pad

‌· Designed for proper walking
· Shock absorption
· Even weight distribution
· Elastic

‌Rubber outsole

‌· height difference between medial and     lateral direction(for walking properly)
· Non-slip


· ‌Arch support, protrusions for acupressure      points acupressure
· Ortholite, anti- bacterial

‌Vibration module ‌

· ‌Vibrates 30 cycles per second
· 11~13Hz SMR waves when resting
· 27~30Hz when walking

Phylon sole

· ‌light weight
· Shock absorption

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Head Office Cheonan Factory: 178 Seongmun-gil, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si
Busan Factory: 235 Nakdongdaero 943beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea
Research Center: #103, 235 Nakdong-daero 943beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea
Seoul Branch : 5th floor, 502 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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